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1. What is the CSS Reboot?

The CSS Reboot is a community event for web professionals and enthusiasts. Every November 1st and May 1st at 18:00 GMT, Rebooters from all over the world launch their standards based website redesigns simultaneously; bringing traffic, interest and a little respect to their sites. There are no prizes or arbitrary winners, just great exposure and the knowledge that we all participated in something great.

2. How does the event work?

In the months leading to a Reboot, people who want to participate in the CSS Reboot sign up and upload information about their website. During the signup process you can visit to see who is planning on rebooting.

Then on Reboot Day at 18:00 GMT, all participants launch their new website redesigns. Thousands of visitors swarm to to view, comment and visit their favorite new redesigns. This in turn creates a lot of buzz, many blogs write about the event and feature top redesigns in their galleries. This brings even more recognition for the participants.

3. When is 18:00 GMT? And why use GMT?

The Reboot is a worldwide event so it uses the less U.S.-centric Greenwich Mean Time to try and get everyone worldwide to launch their design at roughly the same time. 18:00 GMT is 2:00 p.m. EST and 11:00 a.m. PST. To find out more about GMT and see what time the Reboot will fall where you live visit this unfortunately designed but informative site.

4. Who can participate?

Anyone that is dedicated to redesigning their website and meeting current web standards.

5. How many sites can each Rebooter … reboot?

Each Rebooter can reboot up to 10 sites.

6. What type of sites are acceptable?

Just about all types of websites are allowed. They should be original designs and not templates. No spam, adult, hate, illegal or just plain nasty websites.

7. How do I make sure my Reboot will be automatically launched on November 1st?

On November 1st, every site that has an “after screenshot” uploaded for it will automatically launch at 18:00 GMT. Any site that doesn’t have an after screenshot will not launch until one has been uploaded for it.

8. How big do the screenshots I upload need to be?

All screenshots need to be 310px wide by 217px tall. Please upload a screenshot of the homepage of your website, not just a logo or a small part of it.

9. Why am I asked to add “tags” when creating a new site to Reboot?

Tags are nothing more than custom categories that you can add to your reboot to better classify exactly what kind of site you’re rebooting.